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She Murdered Me With Science

My name is Noel Glass. Once I was a respected scientist and madly in love. All that ended with the flip of a switch and a splash of scarlet. I can never forget, and Iíll never forgive myself.

Itís 1953 and Iím a shamus working the streets of Industry City. I donít rely on instinct; science is my game. The cases I get, and the booze I drink, keep oblivion just a step away. That is, until some rich recluse walks into my office and tells me that accident from long ago was a set-up, a frame job, and I was a patsy meant to take the fall.

Now I have to clear my nameÖ like thatís easy. Everyoneís keeping secrets. Who can I trust? My neighbor, the mysteriously connected Wan Lee? How about the songbird, Merlot Sterling? Her lies are as beautiful as her voice. Even the muscle-bound bodyguard I inherited canít keep Mayan hit men, Russian spies ó or my own government ó from trying to put me six-feet under.

You see, this secret organization believes I know something and wants to keep me quiet. All I do know is theyíre aiming to remake the world into their own twisted image using a device I created. Theyíve already axed one world leader, and Ike could be next.

God, I could use a shot of bourbon and some answers, but neither comes cheap these days.

David Boop

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