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Curse of the Dullahan Book 3: Crossing the Threshold

Ailen swayed from side to side, whispering something over and over like he was in some sort of trance. In a sing-song voice, he said:

In the flash, he is reborn

Soul to soul the enemy sworn

On Sanheim as the moon shines down

To stand atop Binn Ghulbain's crown

With bravest two beside him there

To free the cursed, if he dare!

Like a punch to the stomach, Prospero knew it was true. The Dullahan wasn't in some weird other world on the far side of a mirror. He was here, in Greenville, right now, riding around in that black limo. And if he could find him at the baseball field, then it wouldn't be long before he found . . . home!

The prophecy says Prospero is supposed to be the hero who finally breaks the curse put on his family generations ago by the Dullahan, but the Dullahan is a monster who leads an army of other monsters. What can one scrawny eleven year old half-leprechaun possibly do to protect his home and family from that?

He knows it must have something to do with Ailen's strange chant . . . but what?

The Dullahan has finally caught up to the O'Donnellan heir so now Prospero, the Clan Glas Dair gnomes, Sir Nigel, Sadie, Chelsey-One-Eyed-Jack, and Aunt Suki are in for the battle of their lives!

And they are out of time . . .

Taylor S Hoch

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