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Ice Burns

Magic is as good as a death sentence.

Chandra stands on the edge of what her life could be and who she is. The life that could be involves the man that stands in front of her, the only family she’s ever known, with a knife pointed at her telling her to take it from him or die trying. Instead of a life of comfort and prestige, the would-be mage apprentice goes on the run.

Chandra has no choice but to kill for freedom and deal with the darkness that begins to burn away her mortality from within. Her choice was never a real choice so much as a shove for Chandra into the cold world outside with only a hawk that she’s not sure isn’t part of her imagination and her non-existent survival skills.

The hardest thing Chandra will face is not those who want to kill her, but overcoming the darkness inside her that pushes her to keep killing. The cold and heat in her soul will rise up, but Chandra must decide who or what she will become.
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Charity Ayres

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