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Secret in the Wings

The world beneath the surface of the life of an average teenager bubbles with the darkness of an otherworld. That darkness can only be stopped by a select few born to the duty of protecting the human race from the darkness within and a greater darkness that would rule them all.

Joey dreams of the day he can leave High School behind and take on his destiny as a Guardian of the Light. High School holds no appeal to him when he understands that the mortals around him have no idea about what hides in the shadows.

The only thing that Joey sees standing in his way is the lack of an angel partner. He doesn't realize that his everyday normal life as a teenager is about to change into more excitement than he could have guessed. Everyone he knows will become questionable as to where their loyalties lie and Joey will strive to uncover a secret hidden and long lost in angel's wings.
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Charity Ayres

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