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The LibertyCon 27 Mobile App!

App News!

People have been asking me if there would be a LibertyCon App this year, and if so WHEN WILL IT BE OUT?!

The answer is, now! (At least if you have an Android device. If you're on IOS you'll have to wait until Apple clears it to the App Store)  You can download it from the Google Play Store, just search for 'LibertyCon 27' or here's a direct link if you're on your device now.  If you've used it in the previous years, I think you're in for a nice surprise. Ben has been slaving his programming fingers away to polish this thing up.

Some features/additions:

  • The Schedule is complete and will auto-update as Rich makes changes. Each time you open the App it will check to make sure that it has the most current schedule and auto-update
  • All guests, pros and panelists are in there with complete bio and photo if available. Their page is set up like on our webpage, so you can see each guest's individual schedule on their page without having to go through the whole thing
  • Your 'To-Do' schedule items show on the 'Main Page' now instead of a sub-item. That way you can see what's coming up as soon as you open the app.
  • Local Map is a completely new addition that we hope will make it helpful for the attendees who might not know the area. We've put in 50 or so points of interest near the Choo-Choo of places like restaurants, grocery stores, *ahem* liquor stores and etc complete with links to visit the website so you can determine if you're feeling like 'black tie' tonight or not.

We're putting it out there far in advance of LibertyCon this year in hopes that you guys will take a look and let us know about any problems ahead of time. If you find any bugs or errors please let me know directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ! If you just leave comments on the Play Store we probably won't see them as quickly.

Once again, thanks go out to Ben Gundersen for letting us use him and his mobile app!  (And for putting up with me harassing him constantly)  Wink