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LC28 Artist Guest of Honor!

flegal sam 2To let everyone know, we have our Artist Guest of Honor nailed down for 2015 in the (very tall) form of Sam Flegal!

You might have met Sam at this past LibertyCon, when he and his lovely wife Loraine attended for the first time. Or you might know Sam from one of the many, many (many!) conventions that he attends throughout the Southeast every year.

His work runs the gamut, though he is mostly known for his work in Horror and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. For LibertyCon fans though he would probably be best known for doing the cover of the “Monster Hunters, International” RPG. Also since Sam is a member of the “Nashville Art Mafia” (My name for it, not theirs) it’s always fun to look through his artwork and play “Name the Model”. You’ll see not only Sam himself and his wife, but also familiar faces such as Michael & Paul Bielaczyc, Melissa Gay, Laura Jones Bielaczyc among others.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to chat with Sam, you really should.  He’s not only an incredibly talented artist, but a really nice and funny guy to boot. We’re excited to be able to bring such an incredibly talented new face into the LibertyCon Family!

You can check our Sam's work at his site: http://www.samflegal.com/