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Some bad news, and some good

Hey guys, we have some bad news and we have some good news.

First, the bad... Marc Gunn, our Master of Ceremonies for LibertyCon 29 has had a family conflict come up recently which unfortunately has forced him to skip LibertyCon this year. It was unfortunate, but these things happen.

Don't worry though, we're going to try our best to get him to come in for a future LC... after all we were really looking forward to hearing some of the cuts from Sci Fi Drinking Songs live! (And if you still haven't heard them, you can head over to the cdbaby page and check them out)

Luckily Marc found out about this early enough that we were able to go to our next pick for MC and sucker them... err, hit them up to take his place.

So now the good news:

We're happy to say that Gray "The Gray Man" Rinehart has accepted, and will be filling the role of Master of Ceremonies for this year's LibertyCon!

If you don't know who Gray is, don't worry... you can find out all about him on his LibertyCon Guest Page or on his homepage Gray Man Writes.

He's a filker, an author, an editor, and last but not least retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel! Yep, this guy has been around the block and we're glad that he's stopping in to see us on one of his hurried laps!