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Post ChattaCon

Well ChattaCon is over and we're back home, tired, and already missing everyone from the weekend!  

It was a blast (like always!), and kudos to the Lee and the rest of the staff for running such a smooth convention (at least as far as we mere attendees could see).

We had a great time catching up with Larry Correia (who we get to see again at another Chattanooga convention this summer!  Wonder what that one is? Wink) as well as getting to sit down and chat with the super talented Artist Guest, Scott Grimando.  If you don't know the name, you owe it to yourself to check out his site at Grim Studios.

I wish we could have socialized more, but our Friday night was taken up with the Annual LibertyCon Room Party...  which I must say with all due modesty, kicked an absolute amount of butt!  We were pretty much at capacity for most of the night, and everyone was having such a good time socializing that I had to (quite literally) yell at the person standing next to me to have any sort of conversation.  Like always, a huge thanks to Karin, Don, Inga and Andrew for helping out (*koff*setting it all up*koff*)...  couldn't do it without you guys!

One thing that did come out of the party was how many people weren't sure if they had already pre-registered.  Normally we don't start putting up the pre-reg list until spring, but then again we normally don't have more than half of our available memberships already sold by this point!  That's right, we're currently at not quite 400 memberships out of 700 total already sold...  I'm not saying anything, but if you haven't pre-regged yet you might not want to wait too long.  I thought we went through them pretty quickly last year, and this year is looking to be even quicker!

Because of that we've gone ahead and put the current pre-reg list online at the Pre-Registration List page here on the website.  I've gone ahead and put together a database that can be updated on the fly, so we should be able to keep it up to date instead of manually changing it every now and then the way that we have done it in previous years.  If you're not on the list, pre-reg!  If you think you should be on there, shoot Matt an email and he can get it taken care of for you.

Now it's time to rest up, relax a bit, then get ready for AnachroCon later this month!  Wink