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LibertyCon News & Events

John Manning has passed away

Most of you have probably heard by now, but early this morning we lost a longtime member of the LibertyCon Family. Author, editor & husband John Manning passed away in the early morning. He was a very talented individual, and a very sweet guy. He'll be missed.

Deanna, his wife, posted this earlier:10370965 937440369617652 7218335946825694218 n
Such an out pouring of love for the wonderful gracious man I had the privilege of calling my husband and best friend!!!! For those who want to know John will be at Lane Funeral Home with a chance to say goodbye on Thursday from 4pm to 8pm. The grave side ceremony to celebrate his life will be held the Chattanooga National Cemeteryst at 2pm on Friday. His family and I invite you to celebrate this wonderful man's love and life with us where ever you are! For those who want in lew of flowers, John requested donations be made to either The Wounded Warrior Project or the Fisher House in Murfreesboro, TN.

LibertyCon Author's Alley

To ring in the New Year we wanted to do something to help you guys out a bit. You might have been going to conventions all of your life and know every author on the planet, but do you actually know their works? If you're not a horror fan you might never have heard of Eric S. Brown, or you know that Leia Barret makes some great stained glass but might not have realized that she has several books under her belt, or that Les Johnson is not only a smart guy and great presenter but also a published author as well?

We've set up the LibertyCon Author's Alley page to try to highlight a few of the new and/or interesting books by our various authors. It's still a work in progress, and will continue to be, but we're pretty happy with it. It will give you a chance to look up to see what the pros are doing before the convention so you can give them a read, or maybe just grab a copy to get signed at the convention. We have links for each book to a few places where you can get a copy (or possibly read them on the Kindle Library if that's your thing). Go take a look, and if you do read them please try to rate or review the books since that can really help out an author more than you can imagine.

Also a few caveats... due to space we're only listing authors that are currently planning on attending LibertyCon this year on the Alley. Can you imagine what it would look like if we didn't?! Wow... Also the links we provide don't have any referral links or anything, so it's not us trying to make money in any way. We're simply trying to help our attendees find some more great books to read, and it might as well be someone that they know anyway. Wink

It might be their most recent book, or possibly a good place to start with an author ('On Basilisk Station' for David Weber for example), but regardless we hope it will help you guys put a face & name to a book cover. Also if you're an author coming to the convention and we don't have you in there, just let me know. We'll get you in there no problem. Wink

LC28 T-Shirt ordering is now online!

Well we all survived the holidays over here, and hopefully you guys are recovering as well. 2015 already, who would have thought? Well we may not have flying cars yet, but I'm still holding out for a hoverboard.Laughing

I also wanted to let everyone know that T-Shirt ordering for LC28 is now open! We don't have a design to show off yet, but since we're forcing... err... asking Sam Flegal very nicely to do it for us, you can be pretty sure it's going to be awesome. The guy's an absolutely brilliant artist, and as soon as we have it we'll let you know.

So if you've already pre-registered feel free to grab a shirt, or if you haven't pre-registered now's a great opportunity. Wink

Remember, like the last few years we will be ordering VERY FEW extras in various sizes... so if you think you might want a shirt, you really need to order one ahead of time!

Online Pre-Registration for LC28 is now open!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the online store to pre-register for LibertyCon 28 (2015) is now open.

You can get memberships and (while they last) Banquet tickets, but the t-shirts aren't up yet.  Once the design is settled out we'll be sure to let you know!

Head to the LibertyCon Online Store for more details!

X-Mas Party Update from Vonn

Just got this from Vonn about the Christmas Party... you do have that marked on your calendars, right? December 6 down at the Choo-Choo! -------------------------------------- Happy Holidays from the Hospitality Staff. We hope the season finds everyone in high spirits. Time seems to be flying by. It’s hard to believe there are only three weeks left until the Chattanooga Fan combined Christmas Party. I don’t know about you but I’m getting more and more excited the closer we get. As in years past, this is a potluck event. With dishes such as Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, Mac n’ Cheese, Rolls, Cakes, and Ham swirls, the table is shaping up to be incredible. If you plan on attending, please send a note to Vonn Gants (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with what you are bringing. For those of you that have trouble deciding what to bring, the Thanksgiving preparations are a great time to decide. Many dishes freeze well, so as you create your favorite dish, make an extra set to freeze. The Choo-Choo will be giving a discounted price again this year. If you are planning to stay at the Choo Choo, let them know you are with the LibertyCon Christmas Party to receive the discount. With that, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing you at the Christmas party!

LC28 Artist Guest of Honor!

flegal sam 2To let everyone know, we have our Artist Guest of Honor nailed down for 2015 in the (very tall) form of Sam Flegal!

You might have met Sam at this past LibertyCon, when he and his lovely wife Loraine attended for the first time. Or you might know Sam from one of the many, many (many!) conventions that he attends throughout the Southeast every year.

His work runs the gamut, though he is mostly known for his work in Horror and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. For LibertyCon fans though he would probably be best known for doing the cover of the “Monster Hunters, International” RPG. Also since Sam is a member of the “Nashville Art Mafia” (My name for it, not theirs) it’s always fun to look through his artwork and play “Name the Model”. You’ll see not only Sam himself and his wife, but also familiar faces such as Michael & Paul Bielaczyc, Melissa Gay, Laura Jones Bielaczyc among others.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to chat with Sam, you really should.  He’s not only an incredibly talented artist, but a really nice and funny guy to boot. We’re excited to be able to bring such an incredibly talented new face into the LibertyCon Family!

You can check our Sam's work at his site: http://www.samflegal.com/

LibertyCon and Local Convention X-Mas Party!

So, it's been a while since I've posted anything in here. Just wanted to let you guys know that we've actually been working on LC28. Artist Guest has been finalized (Brandy will be doing a post about that soon), Pre-Registration should be open any day now (I'll let you guys know when), and everything seems to be coming together.

But the important stuff... The Christmas Party! If you didn't see it in the Revenge already, the date is set for December 6th down at the Choo-Choo so make your plans and reservations now!

Here's the writeup from Timmy:

From: "Vonn Gants" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Set your phasers to FUN and your calendars for December 6th at 6 p.m. This is when LibertyCon and HallowCon will be hosting a festive combined Christmas party. All volunteers, regardless of which Chattanooga area SciFi convention, are welcome and encouraged to join us as we catch up and party hardwith old and new friends alike! While the final details are yet to be ironed out, I can tell you a few things. LibertyCon has contracted the Chattanooga Choo-Choo for the event and as usual we will be having a potluck dinner where all of the attendees will be bringing something to share. I would expect that SWMBO will be bringing her World Famous Sweet Potato Casserole for the dinner table. 

Vonn Gants will be the overall coordinator of the food for the event. So, if you plan on attending the event, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to let her know what you will be bringing for the feast. 

This years’ auction is ramping up and looking good. Yes, we will have an auction to help fund the event. (cost of the room rental and the meats). Any excess funds from the auction will be used to benefit LibertyCon Charity for 2015. So bring your donations for the fun auction and pull out your pocketbook and your innerelf to help a great party and a worthy charity. 

If you will be dreaming of sugar plums at the Choo-Choo, make sure to mention that you are with the LibertyCon Christmas Party. This will get you the discounted price of $91.00 per night. 
To make confirmed reservations for the Christmas Party, please contact: 
Chattanooga Choo-Choo
1400 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402 
or call them at 423-266-5000 or 1-800-TRACK-29 (872-2529). 

Again, please mention that you are with LibertyCon Christmas Party to insure your discounted room rate!

LibertyCon 27 Wrap-Up

So it's now been a week since LibertyCon 27 and things are starting to settle back down to a 'normal' schedule.  We've been meaning to write up something about the convention for a while now, but have honestly had a hard time thinking of what to say.  And now that we are actually sitting down to do this, we just want to warn you that it's probably going to go a little long.  You might want to go get something to drink, or possibly let your dog out before you begin.  Smile


jodylynnnye and billfawcettOur Literary Guest of Honor, Jody Lynn Nye, is one of the sweetest people that you could ever hope to meet in your life.  She's personable, funny, and brings along a really nice guy with her in the form of Bill Fawcett.  It was great sharing a table with the two of them at the Banquet on Saturday, and as a longtime fans of the MYTH, Inc.  series it was a real pleasure to see that the person behind the words is everything that you would hope they would be.  Matt, our head of Registration, was lucky enough to win the ‘Tuckerization’ that Jody generously donated for our charity this year.  For those of you who are new to conventions, a Tuckerization is a promise to put the person who wins it into one of their future books or publications.  Normally it is a minor character, but hey, when it’s a book of this caliber, even a minor character is something to be proud of!


Kurt Miller in the Art ShowKurt Miller, a master of many forms of art (including digital as well as non-digital), made being the Artist Guest of Honor look easy.  The amazing artwork that you saw all over the convention on banners, t-shirts as well as the program book was only possible through his genius use of layering so that we could pick and choose pieces of the whole gorgeous picture for the different uses that we had.  Because he is so conversant on so many topics, Rich Groller (our Programming Director) had Kurt running all over the place for panels!  We all know that if you run a convention you get to go to very few programming events, but we did hear people raving about his panels though...  apparently the guy can put on a heck of a demonstration.


Dr. Travis TaylorIt was great to have Travis Taylor, our Science Guest, back at LibertyCon.  We lost him for a few years due to his schedule with 'Rocket City Rednecks', but this scientist turned author turned TV personality came back with a bang.  Outside of the ever popular Mad Scientists Panel on Saturday, he could also be found by the pool chatting with both fans and budding authors.  We did hear that the Mad Scientists panel might spawn some offshoots such as a 'Quantum Throwdown' event featuring this guy in the future sometime!  All in all it was great to see Travis again, and hopefully he doesn't stay gone so long next time!


David Cherry & his daughter KasiSpeaking of gone for a long time, some of our newer attendees didn't know our Special Guest David Cherry.  He's an incredibly talented artist who was a regular to the Chattanooga conventions, but dropped out of fandom many years ago to focus on 'real life'.  It was great to get to hang out with David and his daughters Kasi and KJ, who are both talented artists as well.  He has talked about getting back into SF/F art again, and possibly fandom in general, and we really hope that he does.  On a more personal note, it was great to get the stories behind two of his prints that we have hanging in our bedroom.  We've had them up since we moved into our house, about fifteen years or so, but never knew the names of them.  Amazingly enough, even after painting thousands of pictures David was able to not only tell me the names of the pieces but also the back story of each just from my quick descriptions.  If you missed the opportunity to chat with him, you definitely missed out.  But hopefully we can talk him into coming back in the future so that you can get your chance. Wink


Jim Minz at Opening CeremoniesBaen editor Jim Minz is a very engaging speaker, and a really funny guy...  you know, things you want in a Master of Ceremonies.  His carpet-bagging spiel at Opening Ceremonies had us in stitches and his deft handling of the Banquet brought a smile to everyone’s face.  He gave plenty of advice to budding authors as well as those who are interested in editing in various programming events.  Jim’s history with many in the LibertyCon crew just added a little spice to the convention as he was always ready with a funny con story, especially if you had good Scotch on you.  




That's of course our main guests and while they are really important they're actually a small section of our guests.  Don't believe me? HAVE YOU LOOKED ON OUR WEBSITE AT OUR LIST?!  At LibertyCon 27 we had: Fifty seven listed authors (Todd McCaffrey, David B.  Coe, John Ringo, Michael Hanson, Sarah Hoyt, Leia Barrett-Durham, David Drake, Timothy Zahn, Kim Daniels, etc), thirty six attending artists (I'll list a few for you below), twenty-ish scientific guests/panelists (Such as LC28 Science Guest Tedd Roberts, Les Johnson, Daniel Hoyt, some guy named Tim Bolgeo, and a bunch of other scary-smart people)...  as well as several performers, entertainers and professional mischief makers.  And that's not even taking into account the large number of fan panelists that rounded out the weekend festivities!


One of the things we can definitely talk about was the Art Show.  Shannon did a GREAT job putting it together, and it was our largest show ever with around 60 presenting artists!  There were a ton of new talented people who showed up this year such as Sam Flegal, Amy Ashbaugh, Nicole Nicholson, Sara Glassman, and etc.  This was of course in addition to our 'regular cast of characters' like Mike & Paul Bielaczyc, Melissa Gay, Stacey Morgan, Fritz Fotovich and Daniel Jean.  (And with a list like that, 'Cast of Characters' is so incredibly apt!) On top of that the Art & Charity Auction raised the better part of $4,000 for the AIM Center!  We'd really like to thank our artists and authors who let us raise money to give back to the community every year!


As far as Matt’s crew in Registration… well, there is really not much to tell, which is very, very good thing.  Even with the largest attendance in history there was never a very long line and everything processed smoothly from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon.  Mom and Ms. Barbara yet again handled pre-registration with lots of great help, and the t-shirts sold quickly.  Good work everyone!


I can tell you where a good chunk of our money went to though, and that was next door to the Art Show.  The Dealer's Room this year was phenomenal!  We got books, stained glass (Thanks Leia!), and even picked up some Steampunk-ey jewelry and hat...  and we think Alex was trying to run Mike Williamson out of his 'Sharp Pointy Things' inventory since every time we saw him he had a new acquisition.  Laughing


Our Steampunk Banquet CrowdI also have to throw out a special thanks to Matt and Dena with Aegis Steamworks.  I hit them up for help with the Steampunk themed LibertyCon Banquet since I didn't quite think ahead to have a 'full' outfit.  They didn't think about it a second before saying "Here!" and throwing their primary display piece, a custom leather and brass armor chestpiece, over my head.  The fact that they let me borrow and wear such an expensive piece to just go to lunch was really over the top!  Thanks again you guys!


As for Consuite, Michael and Vonn might have just about worked themselves to death feeding the horde, but things worked out pretty darned well, and from what I've heard there are plans for 'bigger & better' for next year already!  All I know is that as long as they leave the Killians beer tap alone, we are good. Cool


The final 'area' of the convention was all over the place, and we really mean that.  Rich & Tish Groller headed up Programming, and holy crap did they pull it off!  Can you imagine how much work went into running over a hundred guests, pros and panelists smoothly through almost two hundred panels/events/etc in ten different locations spread throughout the hotel complex?!  If someone told us that Rich had thousands of hours in his schedule we would easily believe it.  Of course one of the reasons that Rich's schedule went off without a hitch was thanks to John Trieber and his Engineering team working behind the scenes (since Thursday I might add!) to make sure that the rooms had working lights, projectors, sound, etc...  not to mention keeping tabs on everything over the course of the weekend.


John had quite a few new people helping him out this year and to those new volunteers (and to all of the other new volunteers) we would like to say a special thank you.  We're a convention that runs solely on volunteers and can always use all of the new people that we can get!


And speaking of new people, that's one of the main things we personally took away from LibertyCon this year.  So many new people...  we put purple 'First Timer' ribbons on the badges of new attendees, not in a 'Rocky Horror Virgin' way but instead as a way of letting the staff know that if someone is standing there looking lost that they actually might be.  Well this year it was like a purple flood!  You couldn't turn around without seeing 'First Timer' in front of you...  heck I spent a good chunk of time talking to a Father/Daughter/Grandson family from Alabama who had never been to a convention at all.  (And since they both work in a steel mill down there, the Tennessee heat was nothing!) We had people coming in from all over the country, and even had Ben and Shannan come down from New York for the first time!  (For those of you that don't know, Ben is the guy that wrote the LibertyCon IOS & Android App.  He'd never been to the con, but still let us not only use it but also let us harass him for changes and tweaks all the time!  Thanks again, Ben!)


But it wasn't just first time attendees!  While I've mentioned a lot of the new faces that we had in the Art Show already, we also had a ton of new names in the 'Author' column as well.  Eric S.  Brown was brought out to the con by his recent co-author Jason Cordova, LibertyCon regular and one of our 'favorite authors to give a hard time to' (which just proves that he's family!).  The poor guy didn't stand a chance considering that he's the unofficial "King of the Zombies" and Derek is an unapologetic zombie fan...  he fanboyed all over him, which amused Brandy to no end.  Kim Daniels was another, and though Derek hasn't read her book yet it's definitely on the list after Brandy picked it up, read it in one go, and finished with, "wow...  that was good!"  (As an fyi, that list is actually getting pretty long with our "non-headliner" writers since Brandy keeps piling them up for me...  The two series, "Fear" & "Trust", by L.R. Barrett-Durham (Thanks again, Leia!), the "Sha'Daa" anthology series by Michael H. Hanson and his crew, and I'm fully expecting the same thing when she's done with Alan D. Lewis' "Capes & Clockwork".  (Which btw, Alan has one of the best quotes I think I've ever seen on his website:  "Some may see me as a mild-mannered, single father, but I'm also a writer.  That means that in the time it's taken you to read this far, I've already thought up 12 different ways to kill you with a spoon in my next book.")  I'm personally currently working through Jason Cordova & Eric S. Brown's "Kaiju Apocalypse" series and related books, which I would HIGHLY recommend if you're a Godzilla or Pacific Rim fan!) 


All of this helped make LibertyCon 27 one of the biggest and best conventions that we've ever had!  Everything ran incredibly smoothly, and we'd like to again thank all of the staff for helping to make that happen!  The few issues we had we've taken note of, and will work towards addressing those before next year (Room for the Mad Scientist Panel, we are looking at you!) Wink


All of us hope that you guys had as good of a time at the convention as we did, and we hope to see you back next year for LibertyCon 28!


And in case you missed it:

LibertyCon 28

June 26-28, 2015

Literary Guest: David Weber

Artist Guest: Not telling yet, but we will... Evil

Science Guest: Dr.  Tedd Roberts (Robert Hampson)

Special Guest: Steve Jackson

Master of Ceremony: Howard Tayler


- Derek and Brandy

LibertyCon 27 is over... and I don't have a writeup yet.

Just wanted to let everyone know that while I don't have a writeup yet on LC27, I have gone ahead and put up the Photo Gallery as well as the Program Book for download.

LC27 was a blast, and if not our biggest then it was darned close!  Thanks again to everyone for coming out!

(And I promise that I'll get a writeup put together in the next day or so)

The LibertyCon 27 App, now on an iPhone near you!

So a week or so ago I let everyone know that the LibertyCon 27 App for Android was available, and that the Apple IOS version would be coming soon.

Well 'soon' arrived over the weekend. You can download it to your iPhone or iPad from iTunes and start playing with it!

Like I said before, we're putting out the versions early to try to get all of the bugs squashed before the convention. If you have any problems please let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Also an update on the Android App... Ben is still looking into some reports we've gotten about the App not working quite right on earlier versions of Jellybean. It seems to work fine on KitKat (4.4.3) and later Jellybean (4.4.2), but 4.1.1 and 4.2.2 are throwing it for a loop. I'll let you guys know when we find out something.

Also as of now it might be limited to Jellybean and up due to the enhancements that he's made over the last year.

The LibertyCon 27 Mobile App!

App News!

People have been asking me if there would be a LibertyCon App this year, and if so WHEN WILL IT BE OUT?!

The answer is, now! (At least if you have an Android device. If you're on IOS you'll have to wait until Apple clears it to the App Store)  You can download it from the Google Play Store, just search for 'LibertyCon 27' or here's a direct link if you're on your device now.  If you've used it in the previous years, I think you're in for a nice surprise. Ben has been slaving his programming fingers away to polish this thing up.

Some features/additions:

  • The Schedule is complete and will auto-update as Rich makes changes. Each time you open the App it will check to make sure that it has the most current schedule and auto-update
  • All guests, pros and panelists are in there with complete bio and photo if available. Their page is set up like on our webpage, so you can see each guest's individual schedule on their page without having to go through the whole thing
  • Your 'To-Do' schedule items show on the 'Main Page' now instead of a sub-item. That way you can see what's coming up as soon as you open the app.
  • Local Map is a completely new addition that we hope will make it helpful for the attendees who might not know the area. We've put in 50 or so points of interest near the Choo-Choo of places like restaurants, grocery stores, *ahem* liquor stores and etc complete with links to visit the website so you can determine if you're feeling like 'black tie' tonight or not.

We're putting it out there far in advance of LibertyCon this year in hopes that you guys will take a look and let us know about any problems ahead of time. If you find any bugs or errors please let me know directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ! If you just leave comments on the Play Store we probably won't see them as quickly.

Once again, thanks go out to Ben Gundersen for letting us use him and his mobile app!  (And for putting up with me harassing him constantly)  Wink

Attending Pro & Panelist Master Listing

This is simply a list of all of the Pros & Panelists that are currently scheduled to be at LibertyCon this year.  The list can change at any time, since with the exception of our Guests of Honor the rest of these guys are coming in on their own.  Personal schedules change, and problems can come up.  But likewise we have people contacting us regularly to see if they can come out to the convention.  You just never know.

Jarrod AlberichArtist Michael J. AllenAuthor
Sande AnkenbrandtArtist Atlanta Radio Theatre CompanyPerformer
Charity Ayres Author Glenn BaggottFan Panelist
Jonathan David BairdAuthor Griffin BarberAuthor
Tom BarclayScientist Jim BeallScientist
Michael BielaczycArtist Paul BielaczycArtist
Rick BoatrightAuthor Paul BobergScientist
David BogenScientist Karen BogenAuthor
Tim BolgeoFan / Scientist David BoopAuthor
Susan BradyFan Panelist Scott BraggAuthor
Nick BrakerAuthor Brett BrooksAuthor
Eric S. BrownAuthor Robert BuettnerAuthor
David L. BurkheadScientist / Author Daniel Allen ButlerAuthor
David (D.J.) ButlerAuthor Paul CagleAuthor
Anna Grace CarpenterAuthor Debi ChowdhuryFan Panelist
Julie CochraneAuthor Brian CookseyProfessional Panelist
Jason CordovaAuthor Doug DandridgeAuthor
Dr. Ben DavisScientist Jonathan Del ArrozAuthor
Dan dos SantosArtist David DrakeAuthor
Greg EdenProfessional Panelist Karen EvansAuthor
Kevin EvansAuthor Robert S. EvansArtist / Author
Kacey EzellAuthor Declan FinnAuthor
Sam FlegalArtist Fritz FotovichFan / Artist
Mark FultsArtist / Author Karl GallagherScientist / Author
Charles E. GannonAuthor Michael GantsFan Panelist
Melissa GayArtist Amie GibbonsAuthor
Patricia GilliamAuthor Peter GrantAuthor
Rich GrollerAuthor Robert GrollerFan Panelist
Robert E. HampsonScientist / Author Valerie HamptonScientist / Author
Michael H. HansonAuthor / Publisher John HartnessAuthor
Jonna HaydenProfessional Panelist Kevin HearneAuthor
Louise Herring-JonesAuthor Jeremy HicksAuthor
Robby HilliardAuthor Taylor S HochAuthor
Dan HollifieldAuthor / Publisher John HolmesArtist / Author
H.P. HoloAuthor Rob HowellAuthor
Daniel M. HoytScientist / Author Sarah A. HoytAuthor
Daniel HumphreysAuthor Faith HunterAuthor
Steve JacksonAuthor / Publisher Carol JohnsonProfessional Panelist
Bryan JonesArtist Paula S. JordanScientist / Author
Allan KempAuthor Bart KemperScientist / Author
Chris KennedyAuthor / Publisher Darin KennedyScientist / Author
Alistair KimbleAuthor Dorothy KlappProfessional Panelist
Tom KratmanAuthor Michael LackeyAuthor
Dina LeacockAuthor Jeremy LevittProfessional Panelist
Doug LossProfessional Panelist Tamara LoweryAuthor
Cindy MacLeodAuthor Terry MaggertAuthor
Amanda MakepeaceArtist Geoffrey MandragoraAuthor
De Anna McHarge ManningAuthor Gail Z.MartinAuthor
Mike MassaAuthor Susan MatthewsAuthor
Thomas A. MaysAuthor Todd McCaffreyAuthor
Patty McIntosh-MizeProfessional Panelist Joe McKeelProfessional Panelist
Edward McKeownAuthor Nan MonroeAuthor
Laura MontgomeryAuthor Anita MooreArtist
Stacy MorganArtist T.J. MorrisAuthor
Darrell 'Doc' OsbornArtist / Performer Stephanie OsbornScientist / Author
David E. PascoeAuthor Beth PattersonAuthor / Performer
Mark PaulkFan / Scientist Rocky PerryAuthor
Van Allen PlexicoAuthor Gary PooleEditor
L. R. Barrett-Durham (Leia Powell)Artist / Author Martin PowellAuthor
Cherie PriestAuthor Kevin PulliamFan / Scientist
Elisa QuintanaScientist Rob ReedAuthor
Reinhardt Legacy Fight TeamPerformer Sharon Rice-WeberFan Panelist
Gray RinehartAuthor / Performer John RingoAuthor
Miriam RingoProfessional Panelist Hans G. SchantzScientist / Author
James SchardtProfessional Panelist Dave SchroederAuthor / Performer
Gary SheltonFan / Scientist Lydia SherrerAuthor
Stephen J. SimmonsAuthor Cathe SmithFan / Scientist
Chris SmithAuthor Kal SpriggsAuthor
S. Andrew SwannAuthor Bill SwearsAuthor
Bill ThomassonScientist Tiffany Toland-ScottArtist
Patrick VannerAuthor Henry VogelAuthor
Peter J. WacksAuthor Mark WandreyAuthor
James WardArtist / Performer David M. WeberAuthor
Toni WeisskopfAuthor / Publisher Rich WeyandAuthor
Whit WilliamsPerformer Michael Z. WilliamsonAuthor
Dawn WitzkeAuthor Philip WohlrabScientist
Chris WoodsAuthor All Other Attending ProsFan Panelist

We're on Twitter!

I don't know how many of you guys use Twitter out there, but we finally got an account! The account is @LibertyconTN, and I blame Rich for dragging me kicking and screaming into 2011. Wink

I've also put menu links to both our Facebook Page as well as the Twitter Feed in the menu under "LibertyCon Info" in case you forget.  

Also the Pre-Reg list has been updated here on the website.

Pern comes to LibertyCon!

Quick question, have you ever heard of "The Dragonriders of Pern"?

If so, you might be interested in the news that Rich just emailed me about. It seems that we have another guest coming in to LibertyCon this year, Mr. Todd McCaffrey!

I don't know how you COULDN'T know about Todd, but just in case here you go: He started co-authoring Pern books with his mother (Anne McCaffrey) in 2003 with Dragon's Kin. Since then he has written three solo Pern novels, and has co-authored an additional four with his mother (five including Dragon's Kin).

But that's not the only thing that you might know Todd from. He's also written plenty of non-Pern related works, including quite a few short stories in various "Bolo" collections as well as a "Combat Command" book set in David Drake's Hammer's Slammers universe!

You can check out more information about him on his website at http://pernhome.com/tjm/, where you'll see the tagline "Todd McCaffrey: Author, Artist, Pilot, Geek".

Sounds like a great addition to me, folks!

Also you might want to check your bank balances. Todd, like some of our other author guests, has graciously said that he would donate an upcoming 'Tuckerization' to our Charity Auction. He apparently has a new SF (Non-Pern) book that he's working on that he should be able to slot YOU into as a character.

I'll be working on getting a page on the website to list our Charity Auction items which will include this, a David B. Coe 'Workshop/Manuscript Review', Tuckerizations from other authors, original paintings, and the list could keep going... but it will all be up on the website before the convention. It's for a great cause, after all!

Some sad news

Some sad new came in from Rich last night.

We thought everyone might like to know: Frequent LibertyCon guest Sarah Hulcy is in a hospital/drug-induced coma, on a respirator, and that they think she may have had a heart attack; does have a lung infection, and may be in the ICU for a week or two. Warm thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

Janet & Chris Morris News!

Breaking News: It is with great sadness that we announce that Janet and Chris Morris, two stalwart LibertyCon (LC) regulars, will not be able to attend LC27. This is because they have traded one LC for another LC. They have been invited to speak at the Library of Congress! Their appearance will be on June 25 in the Library of Congress "What If " Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum. Janet will deliver a speech, tentatively titled: "Social Reconstruction through Heroic Fiction: The Role of Fantastical Literature in Envisioning our Future." The paper's thesis is this:

Social reconstruction is a philosophy that emphasizes the addressing of social questions and a quest to create a better society. Heroic fiction has always addressed these questions of personal responsibility and freedom in a societal context; heroic fantasy and science fiction are the literary inheritors of heroic fiction because the worlds and world views created examine self and the individual's place in society in a way much freer than can any other form of literature today. The human mind organizes the world and its detail in story form; fantasy and science fiction help us pierce the veil of complexity and examine the underlying questions facing society today and tomorrow, using story as our vehicle. Through "World Building" we writers and readers find a way to see ourselves more clearly. By examining many possible worlds in story form, we can make clear those decisions that society faces and may face, and hopefully make better choices for ourselves and our children.

LibertyCon looks forward to their return at LibertyCon 28. And don't fret, the Hellions will still be there and there will still be a Perseid Publishing table at LC 27.

Congratulations to Janet and Chris from the entire LibertyCon family!

Meet Beth Patterson

I don't know if you guys caught the link when Rich posted it on FaceBook last month, but we're going to have the incredibly talented musician (and recently author) Beth Patterson performing at LibertyCon this year!

If you haven't heard her music, you really owe it to yourself if you're a fan of original Celtic 'style' (though she also does many other types). You can check out a small sample of her work at the YouTube link below, or linked from her Guest Page here on the website.

Some LibertyCon27 guest news!

I just got this email from Rich, thought you guys might like to know.  Smile


Special Announcement:   Got a phone call the other day from Timothy Zahn saying "Is it okay if I come to LC27 and just hang out?"  Sooooo, Tim Zahn will be back for LibertyCon 27! Tim is a long time friend of LibertyCon (LC) going back to Liberty's humble beginningsAt past LibertyCons he has been LGOH (LC 10), Special GOH (LC 4 and 18), Master of Ceremonies (LC 14 and 20), and the 25th Anniversary LGOH. For those who don't know him, Tim is a writer of science fiction short stories and novels. His novella Cascade Point won the 1984 Hugo award. He is the author of eight Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, including six novels featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn: the Thrawn Trilogy, Hand of Thrawn duology, and Outbound Flight. The Thrawn trilogy marked a revival in the fortunes of the Star Wars franchise, bringing it widespread attention for the first time in years; all three Thrawn-trilogy novels made the New York Times best-seller lists, and set the stage and tone for most of the franchise's Expanded-Universe content. While many of Zahn's characters have been embraced by franchise writers and readers, some still appearing in novels written seventeen years later, Thrawn has been particularly influential. Zahn also wrote the young adult Dragonback series and the popular Conquerors' Trilogy. So please come and enjoy the pleasure of his company at LC27!