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Lee Martindale

Lee Martindale


The short version: writer, editor, warrior, Bard.

I sling words for a living. I've been writing most of my long and wicked life, getting paid for it in the non-fiction category for something like twenty-five years, and writing fantasy and science fiction professionally since my first professional sale in 1992. (A story called "Yearbride" to Marion Zimmer Bradley for the *Snows of Darkover* anthology.) Since then, my work has appeared in such places as three volumes of the *Sword and Sorceress* antho series, *Turn The Other Chick*, Selina Rosen's *Bubbas of the Apocalypse* series, and numerous other anthologies and online venues. For the complete bibliography and what's in the pipeline, check out "Teller of Tales" on the HarpHaven website, http://www.Harphaven.net/

For twelve years, I edited a size-issues activism magazine called *Rump Parliament*, which focused on working to change the way society treats fat people and served as a gathering point for people interested in learning and practicing effective activism against weight discrimination. A compilation of editorials and essays from those twelve years has just been released under the title *Prejudice By The Pound: Essays From The Size Rights Movement*.

Size issues and SF&F came together in 2000 when I edited Meisha Merlin Publishing's first original anthology, *Such A Pretty Face: Tales of Power and Abundance*. Most recently, I edited an anthology of science fiction, fantasy, and related genre stories about the "world's oldest profession" titled *The Ladies of Trade Town*.

I'm a warrior by several definitions. Human and civil rights activist, accessibility activist, political activist, and someone not afraid to "call 'em as I see 'em". More literally, I've a fondness for sharp, pointy steel (I fence as a member of the SFWA Musketeers and the SCA) and firearms.

And I'm a Bard, Named - The Copper Bard - and sworn to traditional duties, some of which are acquitted in the above.

I live in Texas with one husband of twenty-two years, and two cats. And they don't call me "Hell on Wheels" for nothing.