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John Maddox Roberts

John Maddox Roberts


LibertyCon 7 Special Guest (1993)

US writer, prolific in the later 1980s. His first sf novel, The Strayed Sheep of Charun (1977; rev vt Cestus Dei 1983), is an action-packed romance set on a medievalized planet in which Jesuits and others attempt to reform the violence which is the planet's (and novel's) raison detre. There followed a variety of work, all adventure fiction - whose style is perhaps best described as brisk - in sf or fantasy settings, including the juvenile Space-Opera sequence comprising Space Angel (1979), in which the commandeering of a spaceship by an ancient Alien leads to adventures for a boy, and its sequel Spacer: Window of the Mind (1988). King of the Wood (1983) is set in an alternate USA inhabited variously by Norsemen, Native Americans, Aztecs and Spanish Muslims. The Cingulum sequence about a raffish spaceship crew's adventures is The Cingulum (1985), Cloak of Illusion (1985) and Cingulum #3: The Sword, the Jewel and the Mirror (1988). Roberts also collaborated on four books with Eric Kotani (whom see for details): the sequence Act of God (1985), The Island Worlds (1987) and Between the Stars (1988), as well as Delta Pavonis (1990). Roberts's The Enigma Variations (1989) sets an Amnesiac in a corporate future. While all this sf activity was going on, Roberts also contributed several titles to the ever-growing Conan series, set in a Shared World derived from Robert E Howard's famous Sword-and-Sorcery stories: Conan the Valorous * (1985), Conan the Champion * (1987), Conan the Marauder * (1988), Conan the Bold * (1989), Conan the Rogue * (1991), Conan and the Manhunters * (1994) and Conan and the Treasure of Python * (1994). The Stormlands series, set in a tribalized fantasy world, so far comprises The Islander (1990), The Black Shields (1991), The Poisoned Lands (1992), The Steel Kings (1993) and Queens of Land and Sea (1994). [PN]

Other works: the associational SPQR sequence comprising SPQR (1990), SPQR II: The Catiline Conspiracy (1991), #3: The Sacrilege (1992) and #4: The Temple of the Muses (1992), police-procedural mystery novels set in ancient Rome.

(Taken from Mr. Roberts' page at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction)